14th April 2012


Yes. There is a different between Assistant Engineer and Engineering Assistant. The officers in Special Class of Technical Service are designated as Engineering Assistant in provincial councils. But it is also some what controversial designation in some provincial councils. They are being named as "Technical Officer - Special Class" but not named as "Engineering Assistant" in Southern Provincial Irrigation Department.


Anyway, graduated engineers may not be designated as assistant engineers.


Hope further clarifications from the President, APSE or anyone.


Eng. Lanka Ramanayaka

Date : 10th April 2012


It is agree to have the name (designation) as assistant divisional engineer, those are not the  engineer assistants.

or we can propose them as additional Divisional Engineers.


Eng. Sunimal Ekanayaka


Date : 7th April 2012


Better to have a one day workshop in Colombo ....................


Eng. Sarath Wijesekara

Vice President,
APSE - Sri Lanka


Comment on Organization Structure for xxxxxxxxxxx Engineering Department.


It is unable to agree with the designation named as Assistant Divisional Engineer for SLES II/II Engineers. Graduated engineers should not be designated as Assistant Engineers.


Others comments on this are appreciated.

Eng. Lanka Rammanyaka
Additional Secretary,
APSE - Sri Lanka

Date : 5th April 2012

Dear Public Service Engineers

Proposed Organization Structure for xxxxxxxxxx Engineering Department



Under the restructuring process in government sector, most of the government organizations has already given their proposals to the Salary and Carder Commission.

Anyway, come to know  in the provincial councils that have produced various proposals. Some provincial council engineering departments have not exposed or discussed to/with all engineers regarding the restructure before producing the Salary and Carder Commission. Specially in southern province. Majority of engineers are unable to agree with the proposals.

According to the information, restructuring proposals are very different province to province.

In this situation, it is essential to come for a common forum to be discussed the matter.

Kindly request ESB Director,  President, Secretary of APSE to involve this matter and for organizing a common forum to discussed this in detail.

Thanking you,

Eng. Lanka Rammanyaka
Additional Secretary,
APSE - Sri Lanka


ESB Director,
President, Secretary of APSE


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