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The department lacks certain basic infrastructure but is in the process acquiring those and will be developed gradually into a fully fledged engineering organization within next couple of years. At present the all offices are stationed at buildings burrowed on rental basis and will be moved to permanent buildings in future.


The annual development work plan is usually prepared by the Director on the proposals received from the beneficiaries and other interested parties in the society engaged in the irrigated agriculture. Almost all of the irrigated lands are paddy and the lands are irrigated by tank or diversion (anicut) schemes. . Drainage and flood control is a primary concern since a significant portion of the lands are in wet costal belt, flooding and slow drainage by gravity in low-lying areas often poses threat to the cultivation and also sea water intrusion during dry periods is the other frequent problem in the area to be dealt with. The annual development program is prepared so sparingly to meet the above mentioned provincial specific irrigation, drainage and flood control matters and in the mean time to encompass as much proposals as possible out of a long requests within the limited budgetary provisions granted by the Financial Commission.




Spatial distribution of some of major irrigation schemes belongs the SPID is as follows.

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Clearance and Project Appraisal

SPID is a trustee of the state irrigation and drainage schemes, reserved crown lands and other custodian properties of the Government/the Provincial Council. Therefore if anybody or any organization happens to come across getting involved with these properties for development or business venture such body has to get clearance from the SPID first. The approving bodies of such projects like Urban Development Authorities, Environmental Authority etc impose clearance from the relevant irrigation department when the project is likely to interfere with existing irrigation and drainage schemes, irrigation infrastructure or their reservations. Therefore it is advisable to contact the irrigation authorities by the developer or investor in advance and get their advice and recommendations to minimize the undue delays and problems that could be cropped up otherwise.

Please contact Director or Chief Irrigation Engineer (Tel:0912245176) at Provincial Director’s Office, Galle on any clarifications related to project clearance


Government Organizations

Any development project which interferes with irrigation or drainage scheme should be implemented with the due consultation of relevant (central or provincial) irrigation authority and that will minimize the unnecessary delays and problems.

Contact Director or Chief Irrigation Engineer (Tel:0912245176) at Provincial Director’s Office, Galle for further details.




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